SonicStage Mastering Studio Audio Filter

Raise the quality of all audio on your VAIO.

Professional-quality sound effectors enhance VAIO audio enjoyment. Various effector modules that come with SonicStage Mastering Studio (SSMS) were developed by Waves Corporation, Sony Oxford, QSound Labs Inc., and VAIO Original for use at professional recording studios. Provided as standard plug-ins, they enable you to modify or enhance audio quality when using SonicStage CP, DVD videos or playing any sound from VAIO.*

* Audio Filter default settings supports only SonicStage.

Preset effects tuned by experienced sound engineers allow easy enjoyment of high-quality audio playback. With these presets, operation is as simple as right-clicking an SSMS Audio Filter button on the "task bar" to turn on the selected effector module.

Custom adjustment for audio perfectionists. SSMS Audio Filter presets satisfy most demands for high-quality audio. However, you can also choose manual high-level adjustment of audio and minute customisation of effects to suit music of different styles and quality. Simply select on and off buttons for different combinations of modules, and minutely tune every effector module to arrive at the desired sound. SSMS Audio Filter can also produce high-quality virtual surround sound from any audio source, even if the speakers are only designed for stereo output.
• Sony Oxford Multichannel 5 Band EQ + Filters

This five-band advanced parametric equaliser makes the dream of natural sound "retouching" a reality by allowing you to accurately minimise distortion and strengthen weak signals in the original source. It removes decayed signals at high and low frequencies and adds lost tones at high frequencies to create more natural, dynamic sound. This is the ideal equalizer for aficionados who are obsessive about detail in their music.

• Sony Oxford EQUALISER

This three-channel standard parametric equaliser allows you to minimise distortion and strengthen weak signals in the original source. In particular, it exhibits outstanding performance when adjusting and improving analogue sound sources with decayed signal strength at the high and low frequencies.

• Sony Oxford Inflator

Developed by Sony Oxford, this effector module increases the apparent loudness of audio material without any perceptible loss in sound quality. Depending on usage, it can add character and dynamic excitement similar to that of analogue systems, subtle tube-like harmonic characteristics, warmth, fatness, presence, boldness or added dimension.

• Sony Oxford Restorer

Unwanted noise can easily be removed with this advanced restorer. It eliminates clicking (sharp ticking), humming (continuous buzzing) and hissing ("shhh") noise without affecting the original signals to restore your recording to pristine condition.

• Waves S360 Surround Imager

This effector module transforms stereo sound into the 5.1 surround stereo sound format, which broadens the listening angle of the speakers and strengthens the sense of spatial dimension to create a natural sounding entertainment space.

• Waves Renaissance Bass

The low frequency range can be emphasised and enhanced without affecting the mid to high frequencies. This results in pleasing, natural sounding bass.

• Waves S1 Stereo Imager

The stereo image of an audio recording can be modified by extending or narrowing the range of the stereo effect. When the source converges in the centre channel and sounds muffled, you can liven up the sound by widening the stereo effect.

• Waves L1 Ultramaximizer

This convenient effector module raises the signal-to-noise ratio by amplifying the desired signal while minimising any increase in noise. It's extremely useful for expanding the dynamic range of music recorded on cassette tapes at low sound levels.

• QSound QSurround / QMSS

This plug-in simplifies switching between 2 and 5.1 channel surround sound by automatically making necessary adjustments throughout the sound system. Now it's easy to create an ideal listening environment for natural surround sound!

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