VAIO MusicBox

Get the most out of your music collection with VAIO
Maximise your listening pleasure with VAIO MusicBox. More than just another application for digital music players, this smart software automatically organises your VAIO music collection and plays songs to match your mood. Select from one of 24 Music Channels according to feeling or atmosphere and discover how VAIO MusicBox adds a fresh vibrancy to your music.
24 Music Channels & 12 Tone Analysis

Easily fit music to your moods

12 TONE ANALYSIS Using VAIO MusicBox is easy. Just turn this intelligent software loose on music stored in your VAIO*1 and let it do the rest. Using Sony's own 12 Tone Analysis — a powerful technology that analyses music — VAIO MusicBox automatically categorises songs, assigning each to one or more of 24 preset Music Channels*2. When you want to listen to music, simply select your mood, setting or moment and VAIO MusicBox plays the appropriate songs. Unlike shuffle playback*3, Music Channels mainly target specific moments and feelings with selections such as Good Morning (songs to wake up to) and Party Time (up-tempo songs for parties).
Music management software, such as SonicStage Mastering Studio, is required.
Music Channel(s) to which songs are assigned may not necessarily correspond to individual preferences regarding categorisation.
Three of the Music Channels are devoted to different types of shuffle playback.
24 Music Channels chart

Sony’s original 12 Tone Analysis technology

Sony’s 12 Tone Analysis technology lies at the heart of VAIO MusicBox. By deconstructing each octave into 12 tones (as well as analysing song structure according to beats per minute, melody, chord, key, number of notes and other criteria), VAIO MusicBox can accurately identify and classify music. This ultimately allows you to choose just the right sound depending on mood or atmosphere.

Music Channels show music categorised by tone and other criteria

Simple User Interface
VAIO MusicBox has a simple interface that assures easy operation. Use the up/down button to select the appropriate Music Channel. You can also listen to music using Artist Mix or Year Mix, as well as create favourites.
A.Channel display B.MIX Channel buttons
C.Chorus Playback button D.Music Chorus Playlist button
E.Audio Filter button F.Add to favourites button
G.Music Channels preferences button  
Three Ways to Enjoy

Chorus Playback mode for a medley of hits

Listen to a medley of refrains compiled from songs in your collection with Chorus Playback. This fun mode identifies and plays 5- to 60-second segments of each refrain  Ejust like listening to a musical hit parade.*

* Correct identification of refrains depends on individual songs.

Mix Channel mode finds related songs

If you like the song you are listening to, use Mix Channel mode to instantly find and playback all related songs based on artist (Artist Mix), year of release (Year Mix) or album (Album Mix).

Note: Information regarding artist, year of release and album must be available for Mix Channel to function properly.

Create a list of favourites

Easily make a playlist of your own favourites. Simply press the Favourite button during random playback to bookmark a special song.
Exporting Playlists

Easy music management

Exceptional integration with other music software makes VAIO MusicBox a great tool for any VAIO audiophile. Compatibility with a wide range of audio file types*1 generated by SonicStage Mastering Studio, iTunes*2, Windows Media Player and other software allows it to access virtually any VAIO music collection. Additionally, you can export Music Channels to most portable music players (or Wi-Fi audio WA1) that support the m3u common playlist format.
Compatible sound files are shown below.
Sound files only. Does not support other iTunes’ functions such as playlists, etc.
Files that are copyright protected may not playback properly.

Supported audio file formats

Format Extensions Bit Rate Sample Rate
MP3 .mp3 96k – 320kbps*1 44.1kHz, 48kHz
AAC .aac*2 80k – 320kbps*1 44.1kHz, 48kHz
WMA .wma*2 48k – 192kbps*1 44.1kHz
ATRAC .oma*2 No limit*1 44.1kHz
WAV .wav*3 No limit 44.1kHz, 48kHz
Not compatible with VBR
Not compatible with DRM
Only compatible with16-bit linear PCM files
SonicStage Mastering Studio Effects

Audio tailored for optimal reproduction

VAIO comes installed with SonicStage Mastering Studio, which works seamlessly with VAIO MusicBox to improve the audio quality of each song. Enjoy the difference that SonicStage sound enhancers make — superb reproduction that reveals each and every musical nuance. Additionally, the Sound Reality music chip included in your VAIO assures outstanding playback for any musical taste.

Click for more details about SonicStage Mastering Studio.

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