VAIO Movie Story

Videos + Photos + Music = Your Own Short Movies

Enjoy making professional-looking movies with ease

VAIO Movie Story turns unforgettable images into great movies!

Vacation trips. Wedding ceremonies. School sports events. Memorable videos are keepsakes to treasure and share. Isn't it a waste to keep these images stored away — because you think video editing is too difficult? No more. VAIO Movie Story brings you brilliant new software for easy movie creation, so you can enjoy turning video memories into movie excitement. Operation is fun and easy. All you need to do is import photos, video footage, and favourite music, and simply select a theme. Then, the software takes care of the rest for you — automatically editing and finishing a fantastic professional-looking home movie. You can transform treasured moments into sensational movies for family and friends to share.

Quick and easy movie creation

Three steps to well-directed movies

Create your own original movies with 3-step ease — and no need to worry about editing any more.

1. Select content

Select material from photos shot by digital still camera or mobile phone, and your video footage shot by video camcorder. Then import it into VAIO Movie Story.

2. Select template

Choose your preferred template from a variety of categories.

3. Start

VAIO Movie Story automatically makes a short movie, using background music and special effects.

Choose from various templates to create a great movie

Want to make your own home movies? Here's all you need to easily create professional-looking short movies — complete with background music. VAIO Movie Story software gives you a choice of six movie categories — Travel, Weddings, Fun Events, Children, Sports, and All About Life — as well as six different templates for each category, such as "Reach Inside", "Petit Monster", and "Cherry Blossom". Each template comes with the best-matched background music and special effects for great results. Of course, you can even use your favourite songs as background music.

  • *About 15 MB

Add masterful touches to your movies

Create a professional look throughout your movie

Two smart technologies  Eface recognition and subject detection  Egive your movies a smooth consistent look.

• Face framing

Face RecognitionUsing face recognition technology, VAIO Movie Story automatically recognises a face in footage, then keeps it nicely framed throughout the movie with no distracting crops or jumpy images.

• Subject framing

Using subject detection technology, VAIO Movie Story can also automatically detect and frame other subjects, like a pet, flowers or fireworks.

Subject Detection

Select background music

• Choose a song for the background music

Choose from soundtracks already shown in VAIO Movie Story, or select a favourite song from your music collection.

• Use 12 Tone Analysis to recommend background music

Using 12 Tone Analysis, VAIO Movie Story helps you choose a song that matches the movie template.

Make a movie that includes matching background music

After selecting a song for the background music, let VAIO Movie Story and 12 Tone Analysis:
Set scene transitions. Each transition will be timed to match the tempo of the music.
Adjust the length of the movie. Video footage and scene transitions will be edited to match the length of the soundtrack.
Add a musical climax. After you select the climatic footage, 12 Tone Analysis detects the climax of the music, then synchs the two.

12 Tone Analysis

Sony’s original 12 Tone Analysis deconstructs the sound wave of a song into 12 tones, then analyses the data in terms of tempo, chorus, structure, song type, instrumentation and other criteria. The result of the analyses is then saved as metadata, which VAIO Movie Story uses to find background music for movies. For example, the software will attempt to detect music with a particular beat or chorus in order to match a tempo or mood in the movie.

It's simple to replace materials and rearrange sequences.

• Select from priority video footage and photos. Which scenes do you want to feature from imported video footage and photos? VAIO Movie Story makes searching easier, with a listing of individual scenes such as "closeup faces". Selecting your preferences is easier, too, with thumbnail displays of video footage. You can even use or cut sounds from original video footage. VAIO Movie Story lets you choose the scenes you prefer to create the movies you want — and feel like a movie director.

• Re-order sequences to suit your movie

Enjoy creating your own ideal movies, rather than having a movie with a selected theme automatically created for you. Just replace materials and rearrange scenes with drag-and-drop ease while watching a list on your display screen.

Locate all important footage and photos at once

VAIO Movie Story uses an original analytic technique to show a list of priority scenes only, so you can simply replace and rearrange scenes as you wish.

Enhance your movie to maximise impact

• Adjust framing of scenes Locate your favourite scenes, then adjust the composition by cropping the footage. This increases visual appeal by removing unwanted areas in scenes  Ea great way to give your movies a more polished look.
• Add a title and your own comments You can also create a title for your movie, and add comments just like movie subtitles. Your movie is even more enjoyable with an original title and your personal message.

Have fun saving, showing, and sharing your finished movies

Save on High Definition disc

Full HD 1080Make movies using HD video footage and photos shot by HD video camcorder or digital still camera. Simply edit as HD quality, and write as high precision HD movies on Blu-ray Disc™ for VAIO with Blu-ray Disc™ Drive. Then enjoy more colourful, realistic movies — especially when playing on large-screen TV with PlayStation3.

• Get compatibility with x.v.Colour

x.v.ColuorEdited video footage (AVCHD, HDV) shot by video camcorder is compatible with x.v.Colour, providing a spectrum of spectacular colours.

Connect and watch on TV

Use VAIO bundled with an HDMI cable to simply connect to a large LCD screen TV. Then enjoy watching your movie on the big screen with a larger group.

See your movie on the go

Export to a file and enjoy your movie via digital music player or PSP.

Google Picasa helps make movies

VAIO Movie Story works with Google Picasa digital image management software. You can use Google to manage video footage and photo movie materials for more convenience in creating your own movie.

Supported file formats


• Be sure to check specifications for input and output of HD contents.

• Be aware that extended writing time may be required, depending on image size, theme, and PC capabilities.

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