VAIO Media plus

Home network enhances AV enjoyment.Access music, photos and movies stored anywhere at home.
Enjoy all audio-visual content in your home

Create a home network and expand your audio-visual enjoyment. Simply connect compatible devices and instantly share content such as music, photos and movies with everyone in your family.

Watch movies and photos stored in your computer on a large-screen TV

With VAIO Media plus, it’s easy to access movies and photos stored on computers anywhere in your home and view them in the living room on a large-screen TV. For example, watch a travel video stored on dad’s VAIO or access mom’s VAIO and have a look at pictures from the recent sports meet — all in the comfort of your living room. VAIO Media plus streamlines home entertainment by delivering content from all your computers to one location.

  • Photos stored on a computer…

  • View on a large screen TV in the living room.

Enjoy recorded TV programmes on a computer

Sometimes it’s difficult to watch recorded TV programmes because others are already watching TV. In this situation, use your home network to view the programme on a VAIO in another room. Simply start VAIO Media plus, access the recorder in the living room, then choose the show you want to watch — all without disturbing anyone.

  • TV shows stored on a recorder in the living room…

  • Watch in another room.

Broadcast music from computers to different rooms in your home

Use a TV, Net Juke or other device to listen to music stored on other computers in the home network. In addition, VAIO Media plus incorporates 24 Music Channels — an intelligent function based on Sony’s original 12 Tone Analysis that automatically creates playlists to fit your mood, such as Rainy Day or Fine Day. Choose a playlist that matches your mood, then enjoy.

For more details on 12 Tone Analysis, click here.

  • Music stored on a computer in the living room…

  • Listen to on a BRAVIA in another room.

Server and player combine to make a home network

A home network consists of a device that sends audio-visual content (server) to devices capable of receiving the content (players).

What is DLNA?

Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) is a consortium of companies that support common network guidelines. These guidelines allow you to enjoy movies, music and photos on DLNA-compatible devices in a home network — not just Sony devices, but also computers and home digital devices from other manufacturers.

Your computer can be both server and player

With VAIO Media plus, one computer can function as both server and player. Using your computer as a player lets you view slideshows that combine music from the server with photos stored on the computer.

Quickly locate audio-visual content in your home network

VAIO Media plus uses Cross Media Bar (XMB) to provide an intuitive, hassle-free way to locate audio-visual content on servers. This is the same user interface found in PlayStation3 and BRAVIA that allows you to find content via simple horizontal-vertical scrolling.

Search using Collection View

There are two ways to search for audio-visual content: Collection View (for browsing content stored on every digital device in the network); and Server Tree View (for browsing specific digital devices in the network).

Use Collection View to display content from every network device categorized by kind, such as photos, movies and TV programmes. Items are accessed from folders shown in three hierarchical levels.

Use Server Tree View to display content from a known device, such as on a VAIO located in the living room, a VAIO in another room or a recorder. This is especially useful when you know the specific location of an item.

  • Collection View

  • Server Tree View

What is Content Collection?

Content Collection displays all audio-visual content stored on different devices in the home network. This lets you quickly find content without having to search each appliance individually.

Smooth, mouse-based operation

Cross Media Bar (XMB) is mouse-friendly, providing fast, easy access using VAIO mouse operations such as right click and multiple selections.

Create playlists from content on any device in the network

You can create playlists containing your favourite content from files stored on different devices in the home network. For example, view a slideshow comprised of photos from both a VAIO in your living room and one in your bedroom.

Keyword search finds the right content fast

Locate music, movies and photos the fast way with keyword search. This displays content that matches the keyword used in the search. As you enter each letter in the keyword, VAIO Media plus automatically displays the items that match the entered text. You’ll find this useful when you know the name of a file but don’t have any idea where it’s located.

Sony’s original 12 Tone Analysis technology heightens the joy of music

Developed exclusively by Sony, 12 Tone Analysis automatically deconstructs the sound wave of each octave into 12 tones then performs further analysis of melody, tempo, volume and other items. From this, subtle musical characteristics that define the song are identified, allowing the song to be assigned a channel such as Good Morning, Fine Day or Rainy Day. When you want to listen to music, simply select the channel that fits your mood, space or time and discover an exciting new musical experience.
Discover new entertainment possibilities via your home network

Blu-ray High Definition images on VAIO

VAIO models* installed with VAIO Media plus are also compatible with DTCP-IP playback. This allows you to enjoy digital programmes in AVC formats created by the Blu-ray Disc recorder in your VAIO.

* Only models equipped with an Intel® Core™2 Duo processor faster than 2 GHz can play back AVC files.
Only MPEG-2-compatible devices can play back MPEG-2 content.
Note: Digital broadcasts recorded by VAIO cannot be shared over the home network.
Note: A wired LAN is required to use this feature.
Note: VAIO Media plus updates will be available in the future.

What is DTPC-IP?

Digital Transmission Content Protection over Internet Protocol (DTPC-IP) lets you share copyrighted multimedia content on devices in your home network. In order to take advantage of this feature, devices in the network must be DTPC-IP-compatible.

Watch your own high definition movies anywhere

Use VAIO Media plus to save movies shot with an AVCHD-compatible Hanycam on your VAIO. Doing this allows you to view movies on devices in your home network.

Note: Only AVCHD-compatible devices can play back AVCHD content.
Note: A wired LAN is required to use this function.
Note: VAIO Media plus updates will be available in the future.

Note: Functionality depends on the type of Blu-ray Disc recorder in use.

Control BRAVIA playback with VAIO

Use your VAIO to control playback of photos and music on BRAVIA TVs equipped with a media renderer*. You can also use BRAVIA controls to quickly search for content on a VAIO server.

* Media renderers are installed in home network-compatible BRAVIA TVs available from March 2008.


Easy instructions for easy setup

VAIO Media plus makes setup of a home network a snap. Simply follow the on-screen instructions. You will be instantly connected to the home network.