Just drag & drop to create your original music CDs or DVD data backup.
Remarkable Drag'n Drop CD+DVD software lets you write DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW and CD-R/RW media. You can easily create original CDs and DVD data backup by dragging and dropping files with your mouse! Software contains Music BOX, Data BOX and DISC Backup BOX, which support creation of music CD or data CD, as well as DVD data backup.

Packet writing format recording functions not included.
  VAIO models without a DVD±RW or DVD-RW drive cannot write DVD media.
  Drag'n Drop CD+DVD Ver.3.0
Easy data copying from HDD files to CD or DVD media
Document or image files stored in HDD can easily be copied to CD or DVD with Data BOX. Just select the file you want to write to, drag and drop to Data BOX, and click the "Start Record" button. For added convenience, the Data Layout function allows you to create new folders on CD or DVD, and change the name or position of files and folders to which you want to write. Moreover, accumulated photos or videos can be neatly organized and compiled in an original CD or DVD anthology. Additional data can be written onto DVD-R/-RW and DVD+R/+RW media* without deleting previously recorded data.

* Recording of additional data to DVD media in DVD video format is not possible. Moreover, additional recorded data may not be readable by the built-in DVD drive in other manufacturers' PCs.
Note: You can only use Data BOX to create a data DVD, or a DVD data backup on which you hold the copyright. (However, creation of DVD-Audio/DVD-Video discs is not allowed.)
You can change the name or position of files and folders to which you write.
Make backup copies of your data CDs.
Simply drag and drop a CD icon to DISC Backup BOX, then easily make backup copies of CDs. This is extremely convenient when you want to give copies of your original CDs to your friends.
Select your favourites from your music CDs and sound files and create your original CD.
Music BOX allows you to compose your original CD album by making selections from your music CDs and WAVE/MP3 formatted sound files in HDD. When a CD icon is dragged and dropped to Music BOX, it automatically displays the Audio CD Layout Window. Just pick your favourite songs from several CDs, put them in the order you like, and push the "Start Record" button. That's all which takes to compose your original music CD!

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